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Radar Interlock system

The Radar Interlock System complements the disadvantages of video surveillance equipment. It can detect the situations in all directions of the surveillance area in real time through the radar without blind spots and can detect/track any abnormality by synchronizing with video surveillance equipment in case of a situation. The Radar Interlock System is optimized for monitoring the sea, river, and inland important facilities.

Radar PTZ Systems

Combined with a fixed radar, the Radar Operating Device provides precise direction control.

Technical Specifications

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Model Name TORUSS-Radar PTZ Systems
Radar Radar Type
  • Radar Type : E-scan Frequency Modulated continuous Wave(FMCW)
  • Frequency band : Ku band
  • Spectrum occupancy :
    • Wide band(WB) : 15.7 to 17.2GHz
    • Narrow band(NB) : 16.2 to 17.2GHz
  • Maximum targets per scan : 700
  • Minimum detectable target radial velocity : 0.37km/h
Pan & Tilt Pan & Tilt Range Pan : ~ 360˚ Infinite Rotation
Tilt : -40˚ ~ +40˚(80˚)
Rotation Velocity Pan : 0.01˚/sec ~+60˚/sec
Tilt : 0.01˚/sec ~+30˚/sec
Accuracy 0.001˚ /Resolution : 0.1 mrad
Interfaces TCP/IP/RS-232/RS-485
Remote Control : By serial link or over TCP/IP
Operating Temperature -32 ℃ ~ +55℃
Environmental Test IP66/Humidity /Rain/Sand,dust/EMI/EMC
Power Requirements AC/DC Power 12-24V DC/ AC : 100~240 Volt
Consumption : 55 W typical~140 W-250 W Max. with Pan/Tilt
Physical Characteristics Weight 130kg(without radar installed) / 200kg(with Radar Installed)
Size (mm) With Radar Installed : 1586(W) x 569(H) x 960(D)