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Long-range Video Surveillance




  • Easy installation
  • Combination method for each module(easy maintenance)
  • Application of top opening and closing system
  • Thermal imaging cameras for Ultra Long Range Surveillance Applications with Cooled Detector


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Category TORUSS-LR Multi-Sensor Systems Series
Day Camera Imaging Device 1/2.8“, 2Mega Pixel, CMOS/ Progressive
Focus One shot AF/Manual
Optical Zoom x60 x120 x62
Lens Focal Length 1,000mm 2,000mm 775mm
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Night Camera Imaging Device Cooled Indium Antimonide (InSb)
Resolution 640 x 480 /3.5 to 5.0μm
Thermal sensitivity 20mK
Optical Zoom Optical : x12.5 / Digital : x16/Automatic or Manual
Lens Focal Length 490mm 735mm 1,100mm
Field Of View (H) 1.1° x 14.01° 0.75° x 9.4° 0.5° x 6.3°
Pan & Tilt Pan & Tilt Range Pan : 360°/continuous
Tilt : +/- 90°
Rotation Velocity Pan : 0.01˚/sec ~ +90˚/sec
Tilt : 0.01˚/sec ~ +30˚/sec
Accuracy 0.001˚ /Resolution : 0.1 mrad
Interfaces TCP/IP/RS-232/RS-485
Remote Control : By serial link or over TCP/IP
Environmental Specifcations Operating Temperature -32 ℃ ~ +55℃
Environmental Test IP66/Humidity /Rain/Sand,dust/EMI/EMC
Power Requirements AC/DC Power 12-24V DC/ AC : 100~240 Volt
Consumption : 250W Max.with heaters & Pan/Tilt
Physical Characteristics Weight 60kg
Size (mm) 880(W) x 543(H) x 735(D)